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BlueIntegrator or later is required, available from

The transport DLL can be installed easily within the BlueIntegrator Explorer by selecting the Static Configuration / Transports node in the Explorer tree, and then clicking the Add Transport button, browsing to the DLL and then selecting the individual transport. The library includes 4 transports - CRM Send, CRM Receive, SharePoint Send and SharePoint Receive.

The CRM Send transport allows you to specify connection details to a Microsoft CRM Server, and then select a set of hierarchical attributes that you want to be able to set. You can then generate a schema and send a message in this format to a port using the CRM Send transport to perform an insert, update, upsert or delete operation which can be transparently across multiple entities. The operation type can be set as a transport property, or as an ActionType within the Xml.




The CRM Receive transport works similarly, but returns data from CRM in the Xml format (according to the generated schema) instead of allowing you to perform an action. There's a unique option to only propagate changes, for example to only receive messages of changed items. In receive mode where only changes are propagated the ActionType property details whether the CRM entity is an insert, delete or update.


The SharePoint Send transport allows you to send to a SharePoint list, again using a generated schema model.

The SharePoint Receive transport allows you to receive data from a SharePoint list. Optionally BlueIntegrator can delete list items after receipt.

The CRM transport in particular is incredibly powerful and flexible, and could become a mechanism of choice for complicated CRM interactions.

This code is based largely on source from our BlueSSIS application ( For details on the corresponding CRM and SharePoint functionality, which may be a useful related resource, please see the CRM and SharePoint components under the Support section of our website at

Contributors / partners are welcome to improve this documentation and assist in reporting or tracking down any bugs.

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